With Mozart’s favourite instrument

April, 2nd 2017, 5pm | Venelles's Church

Programme :

  • Madrigals by Bohuslav MARTINU (1947)
  • Moments Interrompus (Interrupted Moments) by Graziane FINZI (2012)
  • Passacaglia by Georg Friederich HAENDEL & Johan HALVORSEN (1720/1893)
  • Duo n°1 K423 in G minor by Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART(1783)

With Agnès PYKA (violin), Blandine LEYDIER (viola)

The viola is one of the least popular stringed instruments, but its central position in the string tessitura makes it indispensable in a string ensemble. So this programme is an homage to “Mozart’s favourite instrument” presented by the ensemble Des Equilibres. W. A. Mozart (1756-1791), who confessed to loving above all the viola, composed his two duets for violin and viola, KV 423 and 424, to complete the series by Michael Haydn. A century later, Norwegian Johann Halvorsen’s famous and virtuoso Passacaglia (1864-1935), based on the theme of Handel, highlights a dynamic dialogue between viola and violin. Few composers then take up the challenge, until Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959), the “bad boy” of Czech classical music, wrote in 1947 Three Madrigals with the sound density of a string quartet. Then, in 2012, Graciane Finzi’s Interrupted Moments evoke by their title Schubert and Debussy, by their dedication Japan, and by their writing, which melds the sound of the two instruments, meets the perfection of Mozart’s legacy.