Some programmes have been conceived in collaboration with contemporary artists such as Thierry de Mey, a Belgian composer, choreographer & director, or François Rossé with whom Des Equilibres created Mukaeback in 2010. These programmes have been at the origin of many encounters involving artists from different backgrounds such as visual arts, dance or video art.

Carte blanche for Thierry de Mey (2009)
Music, dance and video
A multidisciplinary show in 6 acts

– String quartet for 2 violins, viola and cello
– “Tippeke” for cello, electronics and video
– “Ice” duet for violin and cello
– “Musique de Tables” for drums trio
– Passacaglia and variation for solo violin
– “Dom Svobode” Music Video

A choreographed version of this show is available.
For more information please contact us directly.

Mukae by François Rossé (2010)
Music & Dance
A multidisciplinary show in 4 acts

– Memories of a land of stars : String Trio ‘Soupir cosmique’ (1987/88)
– Spouse of the night: String trio ‘Mélusine’ (1999)
– Ascendance : String quartet ‘Voix cordales’ (1987)
– Oriental Movement : String Quintet with piano and traditional Japanese drums (Taïko) (2009)

Music :
François Rossé

Choreography :
Shiro Daïmon

Layout :
François Rossé & Shiro Daïmon

Performers :
Des Équilibres Ensemble & François Rossé, piano

Un Air de Danse (2017)
Danced Recital (1,5 hours)

– Chaconne by Bach extract of the from the 2nd Partita for solo violin by Bach • 2nd movement from Kodaly’s Sonata for cello only • 4th movement from Ravel’s Sonata for violin and cello • John Adams’ China Gates for piano only
– Andante from the 2nd sonata for solo violin by Bach / Godowsky (piano transcription) • Gute Nacht by Schubert (piano transcription) • Prelude n° 4 in C sharp major extracted from The Well-Tempered Clavier by Jean-Sébastien Bach • Grand Tango by Piazzolla for cello and piano
– Blues from Ravel’s Sonata n° 2 for violin and piano • Trio n° 2 op. 100 by Schubert, 2nd movement for violin, cello and piano

Christophe Garcia

Ensemble Des Equilibres and the company la Parenthèse

Transfigured Night (2020)

A Transfigured Night

Pluridisciplinary creation for string sextet, two dancers and video


The project was born after the meeting with Agnès Pyka, the first violin of the ensemble and David Thelim, a painter from Marseille. Both have a common desire to create a dialogue between their arts on the thematic of transfiguration, while reflecting on Transfigured Night by Schoenberg.

This piece, based on the poem by Richard Dehmel, will be completed by the command of a string sextet by composer Graciane Finzi and a quintet in two movements by Alexander Von Zemlinsky.



Arnold Schönberg :
Verklärte Nacht (The Transfigured Night) for string sextet in D minor, Opus 4 (1899)

Alexander Von Zemlinsky
String quintet, 1st movement (1894)
Quartet n°1 op. 4, 1st movement (1896)
Quartet n°4 op. 25, 3rd movement (1936)

Graciane Finzi
Espaces saturés (2020) and Le Pays d’avant naître (2020), string sextet

Agnès Pyka, artistic director ; Alain Fromager, director ; Baptiste Klein, video artist ; Maurice Fouilhé, light designer ; David Thelim, painter.


L’ensemble Des Équilibres in string sextet :

Agnès Pyka, first violin | Jacques Gandard, second violin | Cécile Grassi, alto Alphonse Dervieux, alto | Caroline Boïta, cello | Guillaume Martigné, cello

She : Prunelle Bry

He : Tristan Benon


References :

Coproduced by La Ferme du Buisson, Scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée, Scène nationale Châteauvallon – Liberté and l’ensemble Des Equilibres

Financed by Région Ile-de-France

With the support of the City of Toulon

With the support of SPEDIDAM, la SACEM, le FCM/CNM and the Maison de la Musique contemporaine

With the support of Théâtre des Salins, Scène nationale de Martigues et à l’ACB, Scène nationale de Bar-le-Duc for their hosting and recidency.