Musical Season of the Army Museum

November, 30th 2017, 8pm | "Saint-Louis des Invalides" 's Cathedral, Paris

Program :

  • A Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky
  • Concerto de l’Adieu by George Delerue 

With Agnès Pyka (violin) / Mathias Lopez (bass) / Jérôme Voisin (clarinet) et “The Air Orchestra”

A Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky is a “role play” from a russian popular tale “the deserter and the devil”.  From faustian’s inspiration, Igor Stravinsky composed the music in 1917, based on a Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz’s text, during a trouble period both for hardware and morale. All the instruments in this project (clarinet, bassoon, cornet, trombone, drums, violin, bass) have a soloist role, telling the story as much as actor.

This concerto wrote for Diên Biên Phu‘s movie from Pierre Schoendoerffer, in 1992, is one of the most beautiful piece of the composer George Delerue. Tenderness, melancholy, distress and desolation are present through the violin and orchestra’s music notes to create the ambiance of farewell.