“Marseille, our home. The Provence region, our garden. Although Des Equilibres travels a lot, it is always a pleasure to return to this corner of France, to rejuvenate and to stay in touch with our beloved audience. 

Since 2006, we propose several of our activities during a couple of festive days at “Musiqu’en Cité(s)”.

This festival can be described as a true laboratory: this is the place where we invent new and exciting programs.
Agnès Pyka, first violin Des Equilibres Ensemble

Musiqu’en Cité(s) has several objectives: 

- Developing new programs for the Ensemble and giving the opportunity to the audience of the Provence region to get the first previews.

– Giving the same audience the possibility to (re)discover composers, who, despite their special work of high quality, sank into oblivion.
– Highlighting exchange and broadening horizons through international collaborations : inviting international chamber orchestras who will give some exclusive concerts for our audience of the Provence region.
– Contribute to the accessibility of culture in our region by proposing events accessible for everyone. Our priorities: free entrance, or tickets for low prices, a good atmosphere, exchange, and education.

The line-up of 2020 is soon to be released.
For more information, please check out our website at the end of February


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