Jeux de cordes, educational project / Workshops & concerts

February to May 2018 | Marseille


This program is an educational project aiming at giving children exposure to classical music and musical instrument practice.
Three to four professional musicians will introduce sixth-grade class students (11-12 years old) with no previous musical knowledge
of string instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass) through a learning program adapted to their level, the partition “Jeux de cordes”
by Graciane Finzi.
Following the workshops, four concerts will be organized to further expand their musical awareness through a scene experience.

An educational program specifically designed for the occasion and suitable for beginners, the aim of “Jeux de cordes” is to teach young
middle-schoolers to play an instrument. Professional musicians will provide the students with key learning points to facilitate the learning
process and help them gain skills to quickly handle the instrument and become able to interpret a piece of the contemporary repertoire.
The concert performance featuring the artists will be an additional rewarding achievement of the experience.


Playing an instrument is often restricted to a very narrow audience who has been exposed to classical culture from early childhood.
“Jeux de cordes” is intended to fight social determinisms by offering “isolated” youth a privileged access to learning an instrument
by providing them the tools to understand this cultural universe. The project encourages local initiative and addresses an essential
regional need.


By bringing classical music directly to middle school and offering an interactive initiation punctuated with testimonies, the project
intends to raise awareness and promote culture among young people while sparking curiosity and interest in discovering the world
of classical music by means of a fun and participative activity.

Musician-teachers /
Agnès Pyka / violin
Blandine Leydier / viola
Julien Mathias / double bass
Pierre Nentwig / cello
Graciane Finzi / composer

Friday, February 9, 16 and 23 – Friday, March 16, 23 and 30– Friday, April 6, 13 and 20– Friday May 18 / From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.



May 24 2018, 7 pm – Collège Ruissatel, Marseille
June 2 2018, 7 pm – Conservatoire national (CRR), Marseille
+ 2 more upcoming concerts.


Jeux de cordes by Graciane FINZI (2017)
Duo for cello and double bass by Gioachino ROSSINI (1824)
Duos for viola and double bass, Opus 39 by Reinhold GLIÈRE (1909)
Passacaille by Georg-Friedrich HAENDEL and Johan HALVORSEN (1893)
Duettini Concertati for violin ans double bass by Virgilio MORTARI (1966)

Teaming up with the composer, Des Équilibres musicians take up the ambitious challenge of making middle-school students play
a contemporary piece by Graciane Finzi.

Composed in 1909, these eight short duets by Glière (1875-1956) are very representative of the post-romantic style with a rather
conventional writing, enough to avoid the Soviet censorship suspicions. This language stands out for his unique flair which remained
preserved from the torments and innovations of the 20th century.

A former popular dance of the Renaissance of Italian or Spanish origin, the Passacaglia later became highly prized by the nobility.
This musical form consists of a ground bass with a series of melodic and rhythmic variations over a theme. This musical form is similar
in character to a Chaconne. Haendel composed this passacaglia in the 1720’s and Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen adapted it for
two string instruments in 1893, originally for violin and viola and then for violin and cello.

graciane_finzi 2