From the notebook of a reviewer – CD short reviews by Uwe Krusch (episode 204)

In balance
“The first three violin sonatas by Mieczyslaw Weinberg are presented by the ensemble ‘Des Equilibres’. The violinist Agnès Pyka and the pianist Laurent Wagschal maintain a finely formulated access with the bow on the strings, so that the music always sounds beautiful. The ensemble initiated by the violinist, which operates in changing occupations, has come here in duo to record the first episode of the Weinberg sonatas. While the first two works were composed with youthful freshness, the third is already marked by Stalinist terror. Accordingly, the interpretation for this work becomes stricter without losing the nobility of the tone. Let’s wait and see if the subsequent recording of the other sonatas will continue the balance of the musical performance or even more clearly highlight the abysses. (Arion ARN68839)” read more