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09 March 2022 | Ondes Sensibles

Agnès Pyka, un violon en plein air

“The violinist Agnès Pykia moves, for a while, away from chamber music and offers a CD of works for solo violin (Klarthe label). […] Khachaturian’s rare Sonata-Monologue is yet another magnificent discovery. [A piece] deeply rooted in the second half of the twentieth century.” – Frédéric Hutman   Click here …

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29 January 2022 | Audiophile

Agnès Pyka : Voyage avec un violon seul

“Another eminently personal work, in which the violinist does not lend herself to pretense. More than just a guideline, it is a whole. An intimate moment which […]  will touch the listener and remind him that there are different ways to travel.” – Joël Chevassus   Read the whole article here

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22 january 2022 | Musique Classique & Co


“We are imediately charmed by the naturalness of her interpretation of the Bach’s 2nd Partita: we rarely hear this music with so much of grace, and freedom, it is like a journey through the score.” – By Thierry Vagne   Click here to read the whole article

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16 January 2022 | Mediapart

” The new record “Voyage avec un violon seul” (label Klarthe) touches everyone’s heart.” – Frédérick Casadesus   Read the whole article here

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30 September 2021 | Classica

Brahms Aujourd’hui

★★★★★   “We can only thank the Ensemble Des Équilibres for the command of these pieces before recording them with finesse and lyricism.” – Sarah Léon    

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18 May 2021 | Hémisphère Son

Record: Des Èquilibres Ensemble, Brahms Aujourd’hui

By: Guillaume Kosmicki “Hersant, Bacri and Finzi know how to touch us deeply while proving that our time can still have a touch of this romantic model, while renewing it at the same time. Agnès Pyka and Laurent Wagschal never try to proof something, but they sublimate with as much …

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27 March 2021 | ComposHer

From Francesca Caccini to Lera Auerbach – Florilège

By: Charles-Marie Hulot The two musicians give us a very interesting interpretation in which they do not hesitate to innovate in order to highlight this composition. Whether it is in the nuances, the phrasing or other technical procedures, the artists did not hesitate to give the best of themselves in …

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