Brahms Today

19 March 2019 | Musée National de la Marine (Toulon)

Brahms’s three violin and piano sonatas form a collection of pieces written within a close time frame – barely ten years between the first and the last – considered as the composer’s mature period. No unfulfilled attempts or virtuoso digressions but only a mastered language serving Brahms’ unique poetry: sensitivity to the elements of Nature, literary references and personal introspection.

As part of an exclusive order for Des Équilibres, Nicolas Bacri, Graciane Finzi and Philippe Hersant each take inspiration from one of the three sonatas by Brahms in order to create three brand new compositions.

Programme // 7 PM :
Johannes BRAHMSS – Sonata for violin and piano n°2 Opus 100 (1886)
Nicolas BACRI – Sonata for violin and piano n°4 Opus 148 (2018)

Programme // 9 PM :
Johannes BRAHMS – Sonata for violin and piano n°3 Opus 108 (1888)
Graciane FINZI – Winternacht for violin and piano (2018)

With the Ensemble Des Équilibres
Agnès PYKA – violin
Laurent WAGSCHAL – piano

In the presence of the composers Nicolas Bacri, Graciane Finzi et Phillipe Hersant.