Brahms Today

6 June 2020 | Festival Jean de la Fontaine (Château-Thierry)

As a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation and the current mesurements taken by the French government, the concert “Brahms Today” has been postponed. New date to be announced.

Brahms’s three violin and piano sonatas form a collection of pieces written within a close time frame – barely ten years between the first and the last – considered as the composer’s mature period. No unfulfilled attempts or virtuoso digressions but only a mastered language serving Brahms’ unique poetry: sensitivity to the elements of Nature, literary references and personal introspection.

As part of an exclusive order for Des Équilibres, Philippe Hersant created a new piece based on “Regenlied”, the magnificent melody in the final of the first sonata by Brahms.

Johannes Brahms – Sonata for violon and piano n°1, Opus 78 (1878)
Philippe Hersant – Sonata for violin and piano, Regenlied (2018)

Agnès Pyka (violin) and Laurent Wagschal (piano)

In the presence of the composer Philipe Hersant